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US-2007134823-A1: Atomic layer deposition equipment and method patent, US-2007166842-A1: Method for modifying circuit within substrate patent, US-2007209286-A1: Lip retention structure of molded part in weather-strip patent, US-2007229078-A1: Device and method using magnetic pattern on disk patent, US-2007237031-A1: Ultrasonic sensor patent, US-2007246544-A1: Method for manufacturing memory card structure patent, US-2007277498-A1: Cage type jewelry links patent, US-2008000728-A1: Elevator installation and use of such elevator installation for high-speed elevators patent, US-2008013803-A1: Method and apparatus for determining print image quality patent, US-2008040665-A1: Method and system for displaying, locating and browsing data files patent, US-2008088236-A1: Plasma display panel patent, US-2008156501-A1: Non-backed-up packing element system patent, US-2008167207-A1: Lubricating oil composition patent, US-2008167422-A1: Polypropylene-containing flame retardant resin formulation and insulated electrical wire coated with the same formulation patent, US-2008177032-A1: Catalytically active peptides patent, US-2008178440-A1: Device and Method for Use in Securing a Load for Transport patent, US-2008183002-A1: Process for the preparation of an alkanediol and a dialkyl carbonate patent, US-2008214808-A1: Preparation of Aseptic 3-[2-[4-((6-Fluoro-1,2-Benzisoxazol-3-Yl)-1-Piperidinyl]-6,7,8,9-Tetrahydro-9-Hydroxy-2-Methyl-4H-Pyrido[1,2-a]Pyrimidin-4-One Palmitate Ester patent, US-2008226172-A1: Method and Apparatus for Maintaining a Background Image Model in a Background Subtraction System Using Accumulated Motion patent, US-2008248369-A1: Fuel cell system with flame arresting recombiner patent, US-2008274471-A1: Methods for detecting an increased risk for coronary heart disease patent, US-2008286729-A1: System, Method, Computer Program and Data Set Intended to Facilitate the Comprehension and/or Learning of Languages by Utilizing Modified Versions patent, US-2008288114-A1: Method and System for Control of a Compliant System patent, US-2008306274-A1: Method for preparing n-aminopiperidine and its salts patent, US-2009010651-A1: Optical transceiver module having wireless communications capabilities patent, US-2009010830-A1: High quantum yield white phosphors and methods of making patent, US-2009020899-A1: Method of manufacturing resin particles patent, US-2009053104-A1: Chemical Sensor For Hydrazine patent, US-2009062595-A1: Methods for reducing ammonia evolution from cementitious and pozzolanic mixtures patent, US-2009062776-A1: Locking connector patent, US-2009091847-A1: Two-piece optical lens system for taking image patent, US-2009111433-A1: Method, System, and Program for Transmission of Multimedia Data patent, US-2009138217-A1: Test method and device for testing a plurality of rfid interposers patent, US-2009202046-A1: Method and system for acquiring projection for 3d reconstruction of an off-center roi patent, US-2009253782-A1: Compounds for Enhancing Arginase Activity and Methods of USe Thereof patent, US-2009256813-A1: Vehicle moving-image interface patent, US-2009275897-A1: Tubing misload detection mechanism for an infusion pump patent, US-2009280376-A1: Solid Oxide Fuel Cell patent, US-2009297080-A1: Walking bearing systems structures and processes patent, US-2009297754-A1: Metal mosaic tile patent, US-2010022015-A1: Analysis of Mannosamine-containing Capsular Saccharides patent, US-2010055511-A1: Fuel cell system patent, US-2010061726-A1: Dynamically Reconfiguring An Optical Network Using An Ethernet Switch patent, US-2010103085-A1: Horizontal Electric Field Liquid Crystal Display patent, US-2003155492-A1: Optical encoder patent, US-2003158929-A1: Computer network policy compliance measurement, monitoring, and enforcement system and method patent, US-2003188758-A1: Use of oxyhydroxide compounds for reducing carbon monoxide in the mainstream smoke of a cigarette patent, US-2003201013-A1: Waterproof valve of exhausting tube patent, US-2003218855-A1: Ionization system with reduced power supply patent, US-2003222865-A1: Brightness compensating low power display device and controller patent, US-2003223428-A1: Method and apparatus for scheduling aggregated resources patent, US-2004004757-A1: Very-high aperture projection objective patent, US-2004017169-A1: Control system for a robotized gearbox in a motor vehicle, with the ability to learn the position of the ratios or gears patent, US-2004025793-A1: Method and device for the improved milking of an animal, in particular of a cow patent, US-2004038648-A1: Transmitting circuit device and wireless communications device patent, US-2004041106-A1: Device for eliminating electromagnetic waves patent, US-2004051203-A1: Method of producing polytrimethylene terephthalate short fibers patent, US-2004053008-A1: Laminate film patent, US-2004063569-A1: Microporous crystalline zeolite material (ITQ-20) and production method thereof patent, US-2004065678-A1: Spraying apparatus for introducing substances into the body or applying substances onto the body patent, US-2004067697-A1: Slip-fit connector compatible with different size transformer studs and related methods patent, US-2004071226-A1: Apparatus and method for power control in digital mobile communication system broadband multi-carrier base station patent, US-2004072896-A1: Dihydroartemisinin and dihydroartemisitene dimers as anti-cancer and anti-infective agents patent, US-2004073331-A1: Automated material handling system and method of use patent, US-2004076440-A1: Transmitter and precoder for optical MSK signals patent, US-2004100843-A1: Semiconductor memory device for reducing noise in operation of sense amplifier patent, DE-102005007851-A1: Bestrahlungsvorrichtung patent, US-2004151033-A1: Semiconductor integrated circuit and IC card patent, US-2004171471-A1: Rod shaped apatite crystals with a specific length-to-width ratio patent, US-2004181862-A1: Female urinary assistance device patent, US-2004227838-A1: Optical system and image pickup apparatus patent, US-2004233132-A1: Plasma display panel module patent, US-2004267605-A1: Method of determining a formula used to describe positive and negative driving factors of an organization and depicting the formula as artwork in order to motivate members of an organization patent, US-2004267631-A1: Match promoting system and method patent, US-2005002629-A1: Method for fabrication of polymer optical waveguide and polymer optical waveguide patent, US-2005029397-A1: Flying saucer patent, US-2005029540-A1: Multifinger-type electrostatic discharge protection element patent, US-2005048460-A1: Preservative and method for preserving cells patent, US-2005060663-A1: Enhanced task manager for active process management patent, US-2005064647-A1: Wire, method of manufacturing the wire, and electromagnet using the wire patent, US-2005074905-A1: Inductors in semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same patent, US-2005105173-A1: Freely positionable display device for microscope data and/or image data patent, US-2005116129-A1: Pipe protector patent, US-2005133378-A1: Method and device for removing metallic material of a workpiece patent, US-2005135283-A1: Adaptive electronic transmission signal cancellation apparatus for full duplex communication patent, US-2005229827-A1: Multi-flora, low-maintenance, landscaping patent, US-2005234635-A1: Method for operating an internal combustion engine and device for executing the method patent, US-2005235916-A1: Universal mid-frquency matching network patent, US-2005256004-A1: Herbicide compositions patent, US-2005280768-A1: Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device patent, US-2006028280-A1: Modulation dependent biasing for efficient and high linearity power amplifiers patent, US-2006077886-A1: Transmission apparatus and method for a base station using block coding and cyclic delay diversity techniques in an OFDM mobile communication system patent, US-2006089813-A1: Hybrid automatic gain control (AGC) patent, US-2006109554-A1: Diffractive optical lens, a mold for making the lens, and a method for making the mold patent, US-2006128925-A1: Pressure sensitive adhesive composition for polarization film patent, US-2006139639-A1: Apparatus and method for measuring phase retardation patent, US-2006152041-A1: Body reinforcement material arrangement structure patent, US-2006159599-A1: Air activating device patent, US-2006169552-A1: Parking brake equalizer patent, US-2006171113-A1: Heat-dissipation apparatus of portable computer patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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